Ayurveda is the natural healing system from India. It literally translates as 'Life Science' and has proven over and over again its effectiveness of preventing and resolving health issues.

Ayurvedic treatments are always lovely to receive as it believes that anything you do to the body should be agreeable, your body should welcome it, so it is not forcing change upon the body but encouraging a re-balancing of the internal systems.

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage

90 minutes - £55

Heated oil that is selected to suit your body type is soothingly applied over the entire body for total re-balancing, leaving you feeling centered and calmer.

Back Massage

45 minutes - £35

This massage includes the arms and focuses on increasing the functions of the organs and natural flow of the body and in so doing reduces lethargy, tension and stress.

Facial Massage

60 minutes - £38

Also known as, Non-Surgical Facelift Massage, this beautiful massage increases healthy blood flow to the skin, removing toxins and leaving the face looking and feeling fresher and healthier.

It is appropriate for those who have trouble focusing, mentally stressed and suffer with insomnia.

Block booking of 6 = £210

Foot Massage

60 minutes - £38

This is more than just a foot massage as it also includes the calf and the knee. It is great for those who find it hard to focus and need to feel more grounded. It promotes good sleep, a calm mind and soothes the nervous system. This is best for those who feel up-tight, have high blood pressure and nervous system problems.


60 minutes - £60

This is a thermal full body massage that is given using herbal bags. It is designed to make the body sweat, purifying it from toxins and relieving aches and pains from muscles and joints.

This massage is best for depression, insomnia, ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Osteoperosis and Arthritis.

As the herbal bags are not shared (each pair is for the one client) it is best to have a series of these massages for maximum benefit. As the bags are ordered in for each client, a deposit will be asked for beforehand.

Block bookings of 4 = £220

Block bookings of 6 = £300


60 minutes - £45

This is a full body herbal scrub that is exfoliating, energizing and draws toxins out of the skin.

This massage aids in detoxing.

Marma Massage

90 minutes - £55

This includes a full body massage followed by work on certain points that calm the entire body and free blockages allowing the bodies systems to work better.

This massage aids in detoxing.

Netra Basti - Eye Treatment


This eye treatment consists of facial massage and using a Basti (dough barrier) to create a barrier for Ghee to be applied to the eye. This nourishes the eye area and is great for those with migraines, eye strain, eye sight issues and those who look at screens for a living.

This treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes.

A block of 6 = £190

Nasya - Nasal Treatment


This treatment involves a facial massage and applying herb infused natural oils to the nostrils that sink in and nourish the nerves, sinuses and surrounding areas. This is great for those who suffer with hay fever, Sinusitis and other nasal sensory problems.

Your own oil is given to you to continue your own treatments at home.

This treatment last approximately 35 minutes.

Karnapurana - Ear Treatment


This specialised treatment uses herb infused oils applied to the ear canals to treat ailments such as headaches, migraines, loss of sleep, heaviness in the etc.

Lasts approximately 45 minutes


Currently Unavailable

Warm herb infused oil is gently and continuously poured onto the forehead and is fantastic for relieving problems of mental and emotional stress, anxiety, insomnia and much more.

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Detox Package

The Ayurvedic detox involves oil pulling, dietary guide and massage therapies.

The massages consist of

Abdominal Massage - 45 minutes

Udvartana - 60 minutes

Marma Massage - 90 minutes

Treatments can be done all in 1 week or to be effective, at least once per week.

The 3 session package costs only £125

and includes 1 massage of each

The 5 session package costs £199

Includes 2x Abdominal 2x Udvartana and

1x Marma Massage

Re-Balance Package

If you've never tried an Ayurvedic massage before, a nice introduction is this Tridoshic re-balancing experience of a Back, Feet and Facial combo. This is 90 minutes long and £55.

If you enjoy the Re-Balance Package you may want to try the full treatments with the Back, Feet & Face Package

All 3 full length massages can be purchased as a package for only £99!

All 3 must be claimed within 9 weeks from the first massage.

If you are suffering from emotional or mental stress this massage package could be for you.

It includes 3 separate Ayurvedic massage sessions for only £99. These are...

Abdominal Massage (45 minutes)

Facial Massage (1 hour)

Foot Massage (1 hour)

For maximum benefits these should all be within 1 or 2 weeks.

Anti-Anxiety Package

My treatments with Jacqui as always are amazing. I've had a course of Ayurvedic treatments for my anxiety with her. I've always been open minded and when Jacqui explained the theory behind the treatments and recommend herbs for me as well as a detox to follow. After every treatment I felt so much calmer and I'd sleep so much better. With each treatment I felt like negative energy was leaving my body and I fell asleep in treatments (apologies for the snoring) and at the end would wake feeling refreshed and relaxed. When Jacqui redid my pulse at the end if the treatments it showed I'd become more focused and calm internally and it showed on the outside too. In the New Year I will be making time to ensure I carry on with treatments.

Client - EM

My friends asked me what products do I use to make my skin look so good? As we're all in our late thirties now all the fine lines are appearing. I replied I don't, it's these facial massages I get. I even had vertigo once and one massage cleared that up completely as well. I'm very impressed and look forward to each one.

Client - EN

Having now had the Ayurvedic Head Massage twice, I can highly recommend it. I could easily fall asleep whilst having this treatment, it is so relaxing. It left me feeling calmer especially after a stressful day. After arriving home it was a quick wash, something to eat, PJs on and total chill out.  Sleep is always so much better after having had this treatment. I always look forward to visiting Jacqui and really looking forward to having my first Ayurvedic Back Massage.

Client - HC

I thoroughly recommend having abdominal massages and Ayurvedic massages by Jacqui, for treating IBS. It has really helped me! Well worth attending a programme appointments! Thanks Jacqui

Client - LC


Please note that cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment result in a £10 fee.

Missed appointments result in a £10 fee.

If you need to cancel for any reason, please get in touch asap to rearrange.


Gift vouchers are available to purchase in person or via bank transfer. Please email tranquilitybwp@gmail.com to organise this.

Refunds are not available.

If the recipient can not use the voucher for any reason please feel free to pass onto someone who can make use of it but inform of this.

All vouchers have a Valid Till date of 3 months from purchase.

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