Here are some testimonials from existing customers.

"I have been benefitting from diverse treatments expertly given by Jacqui for many years. She's very talented and can tailor make treatment plans to your individual medical and/or personal preferential requirements. Just ask her and she can advise. Attending regularly, say once a month, is always something to look forward to, and a little bit of pampering goes a long way to help your wellbeing and renew your wellness and energy."


Client - LC

"I always enjoy my sessions with Jacqui, and love trying out any new techniques. My new favourite is the Thai back massage - after the treatment everything in my back seemed looser and I felt I was moving more freely.  I'm sure I left the room feeling taller than when I went in!"


Client - HW

"I was suffering from several tight knots in my shoulder. Jacqui tailored my back massage for treating these and the difference has been amazing. Jacqui is very intuitive and seems to give just the right amount of pressure to the areas that need attention. After three back massages my shoulder finally feels ‘normal’ again. I will be returning for regular massages to make sure it stays that way!"


Client - HM

"I have had various treatments from Jacqui but especially enjoyed my back and shoulder massage. My only regret was that it wasn't a full body one. Never mind, next time it will be!"


Client - LC


"I have just been for a facial massage with Jacqui and I am floating on cloud nine. This is more than just a massage, it is like an out of body experience, sooo relaxing from beginning to end. Wonderful Jacqui Thankyou. Merry Christmas."
Client - LF
"Jacqui always listens to my requirements and alters the massage to my needs. She is professional, friendly and the treatments are fairly priced"
Client - RLS

"I've had a number of treatments with Jacqui and never been disappointed. 

I enjoyed reflexology on my feet whilst i was pregnant and found it very relaxing indeed! 

I've also seen Jacqui (when I wasn't pregnant) for hot stones when I've felt like a real treat was needed. The atmosphere in the room is lovely whilst she does her work with the stones and different oils, so much so you could quite easily fall asleep!

I often see Jacqui for any aches and pains I have in my back, neck or shoulders. She always uses the right amount of pressure and focuses on the places that she knows need work on.

I can't recommend her enough for all the treatments she offers!"


Client - LW

"As a result of a knee operation my whole leg was swallen for weeks and it was so painful that I couldn't sleep. So I searched for Manual Lymphatic Drainage and I found Jacqui. After two sessions I saw a huge improvement and at the end of the treatment my leg was back to normal. I highly recommend her professional and efficient service."

Client - NS

"I can't even begin to express how good I feel after my full body massage! I urge anyone who has not had a massage or any other form of treatment to visit Jacqueline, she has an incredible gift and I felt so at ease. I will definitly be coming back!"

Client - EY

"Going to Tranquility for a back/neck massage regularly has dramatically improved my back and neck problems. Jacqui is excellent at the treatments and will adapt and advise as she goes depending on your condition. A very reasonably priced services with a very friendly relaxed atmosphere."
Client - AS
"I suffer from headaches and your massages really help to relieve them. You are always giving me good advice which goes hand in hand with the treatment."
Client - PK
"I've been having maternity reflexology with Jacqui for a few months now, since the start of my 3rd trimester and it's been great. With my last pregnancy I got very bad spd this time it's hardly played up, it gets worse when I know I'm due an appointment. I find her approach very calm and often fall asleep (I apologise for the snooring) and it even calms my baby as a few times I've had some rib kicking but once the session has started my baby calms. I have a few more sessions left before baby arrives and I cant wait, will also be going back after my baby is born for after care on my hips and back"
Client - EM
"I love my weekly back massage, very relaxing, great value and Jacqui really helps the muscles in my back and is very passionate about her job."
Client - LC
"I've been visiting Jacqui for a couple of years and she's always welcoming and professional. Her range of therapies is excellent and I only wish I had more time to indulge myself further!"
Client - DM

"Thank you Jacqui for your wonderful Indian head massage! As a person with MS, I often suffer from tension and stress. Jacqui took time to understand my symptoms and the head massage was the perfect treatment. The tightness and pressure I felt before was quickly relieved and I also benefitted from a great nights sleep. I would strongly recommend an Indian head massage for anyone who suffers from headaches, stress or any other similar conditions."


Client - HM

"I had my first massage with Jacqui today and it definitely won't be my last. A lovely, relaxing experience, I thoroughly recommend it."

Client - CE

"I've had 3 maternity reflexology sessions with Jacqui now and have come away feeling very relaxed and have also noticed how well I have slept for a number of days after. Jacqui is great as she will incorporate other treatments as well. I'm looking forward to a pregnancy massage next week. She is reasonably priced as well and I look forward to seeing her monthly special offers."

Client - GS

"Fab treatments from a lovely lady. Very relaxing and thorough...more so than any other place I've been to before. Would recommend to anyone."

Client - SR