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Tranquility Body Therapy

As each client is different each massage will be slightly different. I use my full range of techniques to help each person in the best way possible and to give them what they need. This means the massage may include bamboo massage or some Tui Na techniques, as well as possibly stretches. I will discuss with each client what their requirements are before proceeding with each treatment so they get what they need every time.

These sessions include all remedial massages such as back massages focusing on aches, pains and knotty muscles.

  • Body Therapy     30 minutes - £29     45 minutes - £39     60 minutes - £48



My Body Therapy foot massages really help my plantar fasciitis. These bespoke massages mean that areas of pain can be targeted but in a relaxing environment, giving relief to a what can be very painful complaint.

Full Body Massage

Full body massages are great for complete relaxation. They are known for balancing blood pressure, boosting circulation and improving the quality of sleep. These massages include the back, glutes, legs, feet, arms, hands, face, neck, scalp, ears and abdomen (if asked for).


  • Full Body Massage     60 minutes - £48     90 minutes - £70

Back Massage

Different people have different back massages for different reasons... some just want to relax and feel pampered and are after mental relaxation, whereas others are suffering with aches and pains, tense mucles and knots (hard lumps) that they want relieved. I can provide both. I am known to provide deep tissue massages and tackle problem areas upon client's request.

  • Remedial Back Massage     30 minutes - £29     45 minutes - £39     60 minutes - £48

Client - KW


This was my first time to have a full body massage and I cannot recommend it enough! I slept so well and felt like a new person when I woke. Looking forward to booking my indian head massage for next month. All busy mums should book an appointment with Jacqui. Prices are very reasonable too. Thanks again

Client - HK

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage differs from normal massage as clients lie on their sides and the techniques are tailored to take into account the changes and problems common for pregnant women.  Many women who have had regular massages throughout their pregnancy claim to have had easier births, but you'll have to tell me if that turns out to be true!

In addition to the 70 minute full body massage, you can receive 20 minutes of Maternity Reflexology, taking care not only of the physical you, but the emotional and hormonal side as well.


  • Pregnancy Back Massage     30 minutes - £29     45 minutes - £39

  • Pregnancy Full Body Massage     60 minutes - £48

  • Pregnancy Full Body Massage & Maternity Reflexology     90 minutes - £70

“Excellent and personal service. Wasn't sure how a pregnancy massage was going to go but I felt great after! Very highly recommended :).

Client - NI

Hot Stones Massage (Not currently available due to COVID)

Hot stones massage is what it sounds like, the massage is conducted with the use of heated stones so the massage has a unique feel and the warmth penetrates deeper into the muscles for a soothing, effective massage. This is a very luxurious treatment that will make you feel especially great during the winter months.


  • Hot Stones Full Body Massage    60 minutes - £48

  • Back Massage with Hot Stones   30 minutes - £29

I benefit greatly from various back massages by Jacqui, but especially during the winter, the hot stones one is a favourite! It's warming and relaxing, and takes the stress away.

Client - LC

Warm Bamboo Massage (Not currently available due to COVID)

Warm bamboo massage is conducted with the use of actual bamboo sticks that are pre-heated for deeper effect. They are great for deep tissue massage and working very tense areas such as the shoulders. It almost feel like your knots are literally being ironed out.

This is a very unique treatment that really helps you to physically relax, and is especially great during the winter months.

Please note this is not suitable for pregnant women and those with low body fat.


  • Warm Bamboo Full Body Massage    60 minutes - £48

  • Warm Bamboo Back Massage   30 minutes - £29

Hot Stones and Bamboo massage. What can I say........WOW! Definately worth trying, you won't regret it. You will come away feeling both relaxed and yet energised at the same time.

Client - SF

Thai Full Body Massage

This is an invigorating massage that stretches out stress, twists out tension and shakes out stagnation. For this massage you remain fully dressed as no oil is used (leggings and a strappy top are preferrable). This is not suitable for people who are pregnancy, have back problems or high blood pressure.


  • Thai Foot Massage     60 minutes - £48

Thai Foot Massage

This treatment covers the feet and calves, and uses a mix of massage and pressure points with a purpose designed Thai Stick to create an incredibly tranquilizing effect. As the feet have over 7000 nerve endings, a skilled foot massage has the ability to be incredibly effective for relaxation and internal healing.


  • Thai Foot Massage     45 minutes - £39

At first, I booked the full body massage with Jacqui just to try her out but she is so good and fits with what I require that since then I have introduced Jacqui to all of my family and now we are all very loyal customers! I have tried a lot of places and Jacqui is one of the top best, the methods she uses are second to none and the price is very good. This explains why we keep coming back and have become loyal customers. Well done Jacqui. I hope your business will flourish in future.

Client - RV


Reflexology works on the theory that touching specific areas on the feet or hands sends messages through the nervous system to the brain that gets sent out to the corresponding area in the body. The entire body is mapped out so everywhere can be effected including the mind - this makes it a holistic therapy.


  • Foot Reflexology     45minute - £39

  • Facial Reflexology     45minute - £39

  • Maternity Reflexology     30 minutes - £29

Over a number of years, I have enjoyed various treatments with Jacqui; at the moment I am going through a foot reflexology phase! It's very good for my general wellbeing, and so relaxing - keep dropping off to sleep :)

Indian Head Massage (Not currently available due to COVID)

The Indian Head Massages covers the top of the back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. This is an extremely calming massage that makes many people feel very sleepy. It is great for mental relaxation and those who want a massage but do not want to get undressed or are not comfortable having their bodies touched.


  • Indian Head Massage     45 minutes - £39

Client - LC

Abdominal Massage

There are a range of abdominal massages available to help ease symptoms of different conditions that include menstrual cramps and IBS. Depending on what condition you have and the severity, the amount of time the treatment takes may differ. This will be discussed with you when booking and before starting the treatment.

  • 30 minutes - £29

Water Retention Reduction - MLD

This is a specialised technique designed to move lymphatic fluid around the body that has stagnated. This is most commonly known as water retention (Oedema) but there are different names for it when connected with different conditions. This treatment is also especially good for those with weaker immune systems. MLD - Manual Lymphatic Drainage is also great for people who are detoxing as it helps remove all the nasties that have gathered, including cellulite.


  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage     30 minutes - £29     45 minutes - £39     60 minutes - £48

"Both my ankles were swollen with water retention and after one session it had reduced by two- thirds! I couldn't believe it! After the second session they were nearly both completely normal again. Amazing."

Client - PB

CranioSacral Therapy

This type of Cranio Sacral Therapy was learnt at the Upledger Institute, it is the original therapy. It is a very gentle therapy that works by focusing on the fascia in the body instead of the muscles to help create a more balanced body and creates the opportunity for it to heal itself. The client remains fully dressed for this full body treatment, but please wear light clothing, no jeans. CST helps with many known health problems but I have found it to be especially powerful for nervous system disorders such as Tourettes.


  • CranioSacral Therapy is used in initial consultationd for Body Therapy and may be used in further sessions.


  • Full Body Massage                             60 mins - £48          90 mins - £70

  • Back Massage                                     30 mins - £29          45 mins - £39          60 mins - £48

  • Pregnancy Full Body Massage         60 mins - £48

  • Pregnancy Back Massage                 30 mins - £29          45 mins - £39

  • Pregnancy Combo                             90 mins - £70

  • Hot Stones Full Body Massage        *60 mins - £45*

  • Hot Stones Back Massage                *30 mins - £29*

  • Warm Bamboo Back Massage        *30 mins - £29*

  • Warm Bamboo Full Body Massage *60 mins - £45*

  • Thai Full Body Massage                    60 mins - £48

  • Thai Foot Massage                            45 mins - £39            60 mins - £48

  • Foot Reflexology                                45 mins - £39            60 mins - £48

  • Facial Reflexology                              *45 mins - £39          60 mins - £45*

  • Maternity Reflexology                       30 mins - £29

  • Indian Head Massage                       *45 mins - £39*

  • Abdominal Massage                         30 mins - £29

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage           30 mins - £29             45 mins - £39           60 mins - £48


Combos (Not currently available due to COVID-19)

  •     *Back Massage & Facial Massage 60 mins - £48*

  •     *Foot Massage & Facial Massage 60 mins - £48*

  •     Back & Foot Massage 60 mins - £48

  •     *Trio-Combo - Back, Feet & Face 60 mins - £45   90 mins - £70*

Treatments with * * are not currently available to due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Please note that cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment result in 50% of the appointment cost as fee.

Missed appointments result in the full amount to be paid.

If you need to cancel for any reason, please get in touch asap to rearrange.


Gift vouchers are not currently available.